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Project Description
This project is (aiming to be) a general pathfinding library that is flexible enough to cater to different types of pathfinding scenarios.

This project has been moved to codeplex, now available here:

Current Features

  • Generic A* Pathfinder library
  • Written in C#
  • Core library has no dependencies on any platform specific libraries
  • Basic on / off cell map editor with Pan and Zoom (in WPF)
  • Configurable tick timer
  • Different movement types (4 and 8 direction)
  • Configurable Heuristics (Zero and Targeted)
  • Configurable Cost Calculator (Directional costs, sharp corners)
  • Solution overlay
  • Map Load / Save


Pathfinder Latest.JPG

Work in progress

Currently, this is very much a work in progress. I had to publish or codeplex was going to delete me :)

For more on things I'm building, and random ravings about all things .Net, visit my blog:

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